Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SHOES!!! - My Project Runway Doll Project Season 12 Episode 7

This week on Project Runway the designers each picked a pair of shoes for their inspiration and made a garment that highlighted the shoe. I wish I had access to the doll equivalent to the Marie Claire closet but I'm a little limited in the fashion forward footwear department when it comes to dolls so I worked with what I had. I picked a pair of purple cowboy boots I'd bought to send with a birthday present to one of my little friends because they were the most "out there" shoes in my stack at the moment. I also picked them because I wanted a little but of a challenge since personally I would never, ever wear cowboy boots.

Inspired by the boots I made an outfit for a country girl going out with friends, on a casual date, or to a music festival. Instead of a little black dress I went with a little white eyelet dress and popped in colors through a southwest-inspired printed belt that I made. She also has a bolero/poncho hybrid shrug. Figure you always have to have something to cover your butt when wearing white, just in case you sit in something. Here's how it turned out...

So what do you think? Cute or kitschy? Would Heidi, Nina and Kaley Cuoco all want to wear it? Let us know in the comments below and follow My Fair Brainchild on Facebook at facebook.com/MyFairBrainchild.

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