Meet The Fair Brainchildren

The brainchildren behind My Fair Brainchild are actually Fairchilds! We're a blended family full of fun and love. 

Bing is the logical one. He has a gift for seeing the situation from every angle and formulating a flow chart in his mind to weigh the variable outcomes. Bing is the brainchild who will keep a level head and save you from getting into some sticky situations!

Brodie is the adventurous one! He's a natural leader who likes to explore and invent. An effervescent bundle of energy, Brodie is the brainchild you want to have your back when things are about to get wild!

Meem, aka Mom, aka Heather is the creative one. She sees the potential in everything and wants to help it along even if it means getting her hands dirty. Meem is the brainchild that will leave no page unwritten, no canvas unpainted, no fabric unsewn, no yarn uncrocheted and no room left on the memory card.

Ron is the manly one. Whether it's loosening lids, fixing bikes, stomping spiders, or moving furniture... Ron is the man for the job! A renaissance man, who is equally interested in art, mechanics and raising a family, Ron is teaching the boys to be more than men. He is preparing them to be leaders and gentlemen. He demonstrates a strong sense of work ethic, honor, responsibility,courage and compassion on a daily basis and teaches by example. There's nothing to fear when Ron is near... not even zombies.

Champ is a cannonball of love and not afraid to show it! He's an attention hog that smells worse than a pig especially if he eats something strange. Problem is he eats everything! Most of all, Champ loves chill with his family where he is loved and accepted for who he is, smelly farts and all. 

Kayla is the princess and she knows it. Spunky is an understatement when it comes to this little girl. She's a playful ball of energy that likes to bark commands. She's not afraid to ask, er demand, what she wants from her family. Her superpower is snuggling. She can curl up under the covers and make anyone sleep for hours.

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