Sunday, September 8, 2013

Make it Work Out Wear - My Project Runway Doll Project Season 12 Episode 8

In this week's challenge Heidi asked the designers to make active wear that would be sold in connection with her New Balance clothing line. I'm not the type to just run, on the road or the treadmill, so that wasn't where I went with my design this week. I thought more about sports like gold or tennis and went with a design that could work in the gym or on the green and designed a skort with pockets of course, a tank with a shelf so no  boob flattening sports bra is necessary and a light hoodie for the to and fro time to the gym or courts.

I stuck with fabric similar to what Heidi was offering in her line and I pieced it together with a stained glass effect that incorporated her initials. Here's what I came up with, try to spot the HK in the shirt :)


See what I did there? What do you think? Would you work out wearing something like this? Would Nina want to wear it to the grocery store? Let me know in the comments below... am I in or an I out?

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