Monday, August 26, 2013

Inspired by "Glamping" - My Project Runway Doll Project Season 12 Episode 6

This week the designers on Project Runway were sent on a "Glamping" trip for inspiration. Glamping reminds me of the movie Troop Beverly Hills when rich housewife, Shelly Long took over leading her daughter's Wilderness Girls troop. The challenge was to design a high end look inspired by nature and the trip they took.

For the look I created I was inspired by a mix of the nerd version of a nature girl, aka a Celtic elven warrioress and the hippie chic style of some of my favorite eco friendly besties. What I like best about the dress is it easily transforms into shorts for tromping through the wilderness from a re-envisioned wrap dress.  Maybe the hoodie caplet is too much but the boys really liked it so I left it.

I found this awesome batik fabric and "suede denim" that everyone in the store commented on as I was having it cut. The tan corduroy was I scrap I picked up but didn't use...
 Close up of the suede denim texture...


Front Skirt

Back Skirt

Back Shorts

Front shorts

Cheesey photobombers

What do you think? Would Heidi love it or hate it? Would Nina have something nasty to say about the crotch or not? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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