Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Project Runway Doll Fashion Project for Season 12 Episode 1

There are two thing I really enjoy doing to unwind in my free time... making doll clothes and watching Project Runway. Yes, quite often I do them simultaneously which is what gave me the idea to start my Project Runway Doll Fashion Project.

What I love most about the show, is witnessing the creative process and seeing how the designers interpret the challenges. I always think, "Well, I would have done this," or "I would do that." Since I'm probably never going to make it on the show I decided to do the next best thing. Each week I'm going to interpret the challenge (to the best of my abilities) and make a doll outfit based on the same criteria the Project Runway designers are given.

This week the designers were asked to reconstruct a parachute into a garment for the runway. They were given some supplemental fabric in black and white but told to make sure the bulk of the look came from the parachute. As hard as I tried I could not find a parachute, or a windbreaker or even a really ugly track suit. Instead I used the next best thing, a men's bathing suit (I tried to pic a garish color) and parachute cord from a survival bracelet kit. Like the designers, I gave myself two days to complete the challenge (Saturday and Sunday... since I work).

When designing for dolls it can be tough to get just what you want since they don't put on clothes the same way real people do. Their heads are extremely big and their knees and elbows don't bend so certain thins might look cute but are impossible to achieve without sewing the doll into the dress. I went through a variety of ideas and the outfit changed from a maxi dress to a romper to separates.

To find my focus I took Tim Gunn's frequent advice and asked myself, "Who am I designing for?" Since it's a doll I didn't want her to look too old so I pictured an adventurous young girl who is on an exciting outing with her family. Whether it's watching a sporting event, hiking through the woods or spending the day at a theme park she's ready to beat the heat and the moisture and still look stylish.

So if I was on Project Runway this week and they were designing for dolls with bathing suits instead of parachutes, this is what I would have shown the judges. What do you think? Would Heidi like it? Would Nina question my taste? Would I be in or would I be out? Let me know what you think in the comments below and check back to see what i can come up with next week!


  1. That's so cute!! I love the little shrug you made with the lining! Very adorable. I think Nina would love the contrasting straps down the back.

  2. Wow I am so impressed! I love the stripe down the back. I think you would have definitely been in the top three.

  3. Thanks! I was initially going to have the strip in the front but I thought putting it in the back made for more of a "wow" moment.

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