Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dripping with Diamonds - My Project Runway Doll Fashion Project for Season 12 Episode 2

I am continuing my attempt to adapt the weekly challenges assigned to the designers on Project Runway for 18 inch dolls like American Girl or My Twinn dolls. The dolls I use for models are from the Madame Alexander collection and youthful in appearance so I try to keep my designs fashion forward but still representative of that age range.

This week the challenge on Project Runway was to create a design to be worn on the red carpet that would showcase some extremely expensive jewelry. On Project Runway they had over $30 million worth of diamonds! I don't have that kind of budget or collection so I called the one person I knew I could borrow some diamonds from, my mom. However the ones she had didn't work with the dolls proportionally.

So I went with option number two and picked up some doll sized bling at the thrift store. The grand total of jewels I used is a whopping value of 50 cents but hey, use your imagination.

I didn't have a big budget for materials (gotta save my money for the couture challenge) so I went the sustainability route and cut up a shirt that was headed to the thrift store and covered it with a sparkly sheer scrap I got for 75 cents. 

I had a lot of different ideas. I was thinking of doing a fancy pants suit or a jazzed up romper but after a consultation with my own personal Tim Gunn aka my husband, Ron. I decided I would never wear either of those so I scrapped the pants and changed direction in a make it work moment. 

Instead of pants I went with a puffy skirt, sheer on the shoulders and a peek-a-boo triangle on the back. Here's how it turned out.

It turned out to be quite an undertaking but I had to add pockets.

Does she look like a million bucks?

You be the judge... is it a winner, simply safe or sales rack? Would Nina think it's too ice skater? Would Zac say it looks Cinderella? Would Heidi want to wear it? Like, comment, share and come back  to see how I tackle next week's challenge.

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